Extremely well built and excessively strong, Valhalla was thoughtfully designed from the outset for sailing completely safely in waters warm and cold. She truly is a multi-use boat suitable for family cruising around the world, for charters, expeditions, everywhere in the world, on any latitude.

The boat equipment is reliable and professional, the upper deck gear and fittings are simple and extremely efficient. Valhalla is easy to handle and a competent sailor can do so single handed.

Very well maintained by her captain/owner,
Valhalla is in an excellent condition, 
ready to launch on a new adventure.

Family cruise




Cargo hold in the middle of the boat, double opening on deck : 4' x 5'

Haul out 2017

In march 2017, 'Valhalla' was lifted and sandblasted to remove layers of old anti-fouling, her steel hull was found to be in excellent condition underneath and new epoxy coating and antifouling was applied.